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Samba's Stained Glass World
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I am Samba and this is my world. I eat (mostly vegeterian food unfortunately), chase cats, watch TV, sleep and dream of stained glass patterns. I enjoy the various glass colors and their multiple textures. Put together and in front of light they create a world of their own. Since I am not that capable with my paws to score glass, copperfoil or solder lead lines, I simply pass the ideas on to my owner who does an adequate job, at least for my tastes.

That's me taking a nap on the sofa, and dreaming up new stained glass designs or what my next meal will be. I hope you enjoy the works that follow. They are a mixed bag of copperfoil and leaded work that we have come up in the past five years since we began working at this craft/art. The subjects, likewise, are varied with Asian, MesoAmerican and geometric designs being our favorites.
My owner and I are still new to this but we are proud of what we are doing. We have even sold several of the pieces you see here and are in the process of making two other commissioned works.We are just beginning to explore other forms of using glass and hopefully will include these in future pieces.
Glass is a beautiful thing by itself; helping light the darkness, ward off the elements, improve vision, and a muse for the creative among many other things. If one enjoys patience, harmony and peace one can let the imagination run wild. When we work with colored glass, I am reminded of an old Hindi saying: "If you are a blower of glass, fashion the cup as if it were to be touched by the lips of your beloved." That is the mantra we follow when doing our pieces. We hope you enjoy!


This was our first work. It's a portrait of my owner.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!